Web Consulting Services

If your medical website is not driving traffic to your practice, it is not doing its job effectively. The consulting services at MedINFOtech are designed to work with your practice by learning your objectives and then enhancing your online presence to reach those goals. Our team of web designers and developers work to give you a site that is markedly superior to competing medical sites.

In order to generate recommendations for your site, we first must evaluate every aspect of your current site, including the cleanliness of the layout, the relevance of the content, how well it is marketing your practice, and how your site ranks in search engine results. We’ll then consider different actions that you can take to enhance your online effectiveness, whether it is through a complete redesign of your site, adding social media networking, or adding viral videos. Sometimes, as our consulting services have proven, it could just take a few simple adjustments to make your overall medical website design more successful among the competition.

Before you begin the process of web consulting with one of our web designers, review some important information to relay to the designer. First, what is the objective of your medical website? For example, do you wish to inform your patients about your practice or encourage them to make appointments online? Second, who is your audience? In this case, what are your patients like and what might they expect to find on your website? Finally, take a look at the medical sites of your competitors and take note of the contextual or design elements that you like or dislike. All of this information will be crucial to helping the web designers understand how to best construct a medical website design for your practice.

After our web consulting services are completed, MedINFOtech will gladly suggest a thorough plan on how we can work with your practice to follow through on our suggestions. We look forward to creating a complete medical website design that will build the patient base of your practice.