Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a web design firm?

If you have a medical website, you should make it as effective as possible for your practice. Think about all of the technical aspects that impact a website, like hosting and programming, which require skilled technicians to successfully implement. Without a professional website design, you could be wasting your time and money by not reaching the right audience, using the best systems, or promoting the right benefits. By hiring a design agency, you’ll be able to relax, knowing experienced designers and developers are working to promote your medical practice the right way. Eliminate the possibility of building a site that does not fit your needs and work with an experienced web design firm like MedINFOtech. You’ll get the most for your money, not to mention it’ll be the best decision for your practice.

Why do I need a medical website in the first place?

Regardless of your location, you can probably list your local competitors and the services they offer off the top of your head. Now, imagine the same list from a patient’s perspective. There are plenty of options, so you must provide persuasive information about your medical practice to ensure patients should put their trust in you. Our professional website designers and developers will target your specific clientele with a relatable, customized logo, relevant information, and a clear, easy-to-navigate layout of your services. In such a technological world, a medical practice without a website could seem obsolete and untrustworthy.

Why should I choose MedINFOtech?

Our design agency will spend as much time as needed to build a medical website design that serves your practice well. Our designers will listen to your requests, fully describe any abstract website concepts, and show you our designs along the way to make sure you like your final result. Our web design firm will create an Internet presence that provides profitable results for your practice through patient acquisition, give your patients a memorable and relatable venue of information, and place you ahead of your competition online. We’re also aware of the regulations outlines by HIPAA and ensure that your site lives in full compliance. Best of all, MedINFOtech is staffed with a team of professionals, including programmers, developers, and writers, all willing to do whatever it takes to give you what you need to succeed. With a custom look, feel and logo, your medical website design will prove to be the necessary link to keep your business running in today’s technological world.

Why not choose a cheaper design firm or just use design software?

It’s hard for a lot of people to conceptualize all of the components of an effective medical website (design, layout, usability, etc.), but there is a lot involved. After researching your competition, professional agency designers create each website from scratch and specifically toward your needs. They have a trained eye that knows what will work for your practice and what will fail. This process takes time and dedication that can’t be produced from generic software and cheap hosting sites.

I already have a website. Can MedINFOtech help me update it?

Yes. MedINFOtech will go through the same consultation steps to redesign your website as if we were designing your site from scratch. We’ll make the site more functional and easy to use, give you an updated logo, or rewrite your content – anything that your website needs to be effective in today’s online market. Come prepared with a list of what you do and do not like about your current site and our designers will be dedicated to fixing it.

How often can my medical website design be updated?

Once your site has been built by our design agency, you’ll have the ability to update it as often as you’d like. You can decide to update the site yourself or send us the information to update it for you. Any additional ideas or additions can always be worked into your website design once it is created.

How will people learn about my medical website?

Telling current patients about your new website will be the best way to initially drive traffic. Keeping the website constantly updated with information they might like to know will have them turning to your site for any trustworthy medical news they should know. Posting an area for patients to review your services will also be a great way to promote your medical practice, too, because word-of-mouth referrals are still the best way to obtain new patients. Luckily, through the professionals at MedINFOtech, your website will also be specifically written to show up on search engines, driving more of your traffic.

How can I hire MedINFOtech?

After visiting our contact page and providing us with your information, MedINFOtech will gladly begin working with you and your practice. You can always contact a live representative, day or night, by clicking the "Speak with a Representative Now” button on the Contact Us page.

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