HIPAA Compliance Regulations

Our experience creating great medical website designs for a wide variety of practices has provided us with a robust knowledge and understanding of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). That knowledge includes the regulations that the Act outlines for those who work in the healthcare industry. HIPAA, privacy laws, and regulations of confidentiality are serious standards that are enacted to protect your patients, so it is crucial that those guidelines are followed for everyone involved in your practice.

MedINFOtech is dedicated to making your website work with full HIPAA compliance. Regulations about how information is sent, stored, and viewed are fully understood by our developers, so we ensure that your private information will remain private.

The construction of your medical website design is guaranteed to be done following compliance regulations, starting with hosting your site on a safe and secure network. The confidentiality of the patient information is safe, as our hosting network does not allow outside parties, like marketers, to hack into your information. We will design a website that protects the information that needs protection.

Ultimately, we’re offering you the opportunity to relax. Be assured that when you hire MedINFOtech, website design features and aspects will be in full HIPAA compliance for confidentiality. You will never have to worry about adjusting the information you send or receive to follow the HIPAA regulations.

This peace of mind will be one more of the advantages your practice gains by choosing MedINFOtech to design a website for you.