Hosting Options

As a full-service design agency, MedINFOtech also offers various reliable website hosting services. We understand all of the intricacies that must function in unison for you to have a fully successful medical website design. Our systems use the latest technology to ensure fast, secure hosting. Services and properties of hosting from MedINFOtech include:

  • Cross-platform systems, blending the functionality of multiple platform technologies to allow your medical website to run from one server farm, regardless of its web programming.
  • Unlimited domains hosted on numerous servers with load-balancing hardware.
  • Using the latest, open source technology, which is constantly upgraded as the technology advances.
  • Redundant Internet connections are included in our infrastructure, which ensures fast website hosting and connectivity at all times.
  • Load-balancing hardware across multiple routers, which is designed to handle failover if a load balancer fault ever occurred.
  • Backed-up systems, complete with separate data centers, to ensure integrity. All systems and data centers are secured with measures like electrical back up and physical security.

The website hosting services provided by our design agency ensures that your data is secure and you are not subject to viruses. We want your medical practice to have a website that loads quickly, leaving a reliable impression in the mind of your patients. If your page is slow to load, they’ll think the rest of your technology is behind the times, too.

Trust the fast, secure hosting system provided by MedINFOtech.

Note: Hosting services are non-refundable. At our discretion, however, they may be transferred to other accounts within our network. Hosting accounts automatically renew on the anniversary date of origin. To avoid unwanted charges for our hosting services, notify MedINFOtech about cancellation at least 7 days prior to the renewal date.