A female doctor is talking with a patient as a part of b-roll for her marketing videos.

The Best Marketing Videos for Medical Practices


A female doctor is talking with a patient as a part of b-roll for her marketing videos.

Stumped about marketing videos? Find out what you should create.

Video is an important aspect of any marketing campaign and if you think that a medical practice has no use for it, then you are sorely mistaken. In today’s digital connected world, medical practices can stand to benefit from creating quality videos to promote their services. More than one-third of online activity is spent watching marketing videos and 80 percent of users recall a video ad they have viewed in the past 30 days.

In order to take advantage of the impact video has on consumers, you need to know what type of videos are appropriate for a medical practice to create. More importantly, you should be making the type of videos that your audience expects from you. Once you hire a professional videographer, your next step will be to create worthwhile content that fits your practice’s niche.

Who Are You?

Every practice is unique when it comes to the types of diseases and illnesses that they treat. Your specialty is a key factor that you need to highlight. It not only helps people understand what type of aid you can offer them as a doctor but showcases the fact that you are an expert in this field.

An introductory video is always the best place to start. It’s personal, and it gives a general overview of everything concerning your practice. In this video, you need to talk about the problem that people face. For example, if you are an otolaryngologist, talk about what sleep apnea and sinusitis are. Also, discuss how big of a problem these conditions are. Finally, tell your audience how your office has solved this problem and helped people who are suffering.

Testimonials Are the Ultimate Marketing Videos

You can talk about yourself until you are blue in the face, but your word will never hold more value than your patients. Like any service or product, people need to see proof that it works before trying it out for themselves. It works the same for your medical practice. Your current patients are proof that your expertise has improved their lives.

A testimonial video is a must for a medical practice. These types of videos are a mashup of interviews with your patients. Remember to make sure they are comfortable being on camera and have permission to use their image. Your patients should answer the following questions while they are on camera:

  • How did you come across this practice?
  • What was your experience like with this medical practice and its physicians?
  • What condition do you have and what was it like dealing with it?
  • How has your life improved since being treated by this medical practice?

Informational Videos

Medicine and science are tough subjects to understand. You’ll find that there is so much about your field that people are unaware of. As a physician, you deal with several complex diseases and provide just as many treatments. People are more comfortable when they understand more about what your do. To approach this situation, create videos that explain more and more about your specialty. Each video should educate patients on how to avoid illness, the negative effect of a certain disorder, or how a certain treatment option works.

MedINFOtech can create professional marketing videos to medical practices who want to reach more patients. Contact us to find out more.