A responsive website template on multiple devices, targeting health consumers.

Taking Advantage of Mobile to Gain Health Consumers

A responsive website template on multiple devices, targeting health consumers.

A responsive website is essential to gaining health consumers.

Mobile is the future. At least 80% of internet users own a smartphone, and 89% of their time is spent using mobile apps. If you want to increase your patient acquisition rates, you have to target health consumers through their phones and tablets. While you may not be an expert at mobile marketing, don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to take advantage of the internet going mobile.

Mobile Apps Make Things Easier for Health Consumers

People love to use apps through their mobile devices. Developing a mobile app for your practice is a great step towards gaining and retaining new patients. A mobile app makes it easier for patients to manage and keep track of their personal healthcare, contact their physician when they have questions, and set up new appointments. It also presents the opportunity for you to notify patients of any development to their personal health. All of these features benefit you and your patients, making communication quick and efficient.

Making Search Engines Happy

In today’s digital world, your website needs to be more than just a page on the internet. People are using search engines as their number one resource for finding information. In fact, at least three-quarters of consumers turn to the internet for health answers.

A blog will help you rank higher on search engines. With engaging and well-informed content, your website will be seen a resource for people. Soon, search engines will point patients in your direction and users will begin to see your practice as a trusted source. This is a great way to inform and gain new patients.

Another way to please search engines involves having a responsive website. Responsive means that your website adapts to whatever device a person is viewing it on. This makes it easier for people to view the content on your website without having zoom or adjust their screen. It is important that your site is built this way as your search engine ranking will be penalized if it is not. Users are also more prone to leaving a website if it is difficult to navigate.

Making Use of Location-Based Advertisements

Paid advertisements are great for local businesses. In a previous article, we went over why they work. Using this method, you can target your local health consumers online through search engines and social media. You simply have to add what area you are targeting for it to work.

Most users access the internet through their mobile device. Mobile technology has made it possible for search engines and other applications to find places near your current location. This type of technology, combined with location-based advertisements will attract users who frequent your location to your practice.

Finding A Medical Marketing Agency

Need help with gaining mobile patients? Then contact us at MedINFOtech. We have experience building medical websites, campaigns, and using other digital marketing methods to bring patients to your practice. Don’t wait to increase your patient acquisition rates and bring the people in need to the right place.

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