A businessman is using a healthcare app.

How a Healthcare App Can Improve Your Medical Practice

A businessman is using a healthcare app.

A healthcare app is and essential tool for medical practices.

An effective way of marketing any business is to have something worthwhile to market. Now, we are not saying that your medical practice isn’t worth advertising. What we are trying to convey is that the medical field is a highly competitive place. In order to stand out among your competitors, you have to have an edge. Something that we’ll drive patients directly to your office because they can’t get it anywhere else. Something like a healthcare app.

What Is a Healthcare App?

A healthcare app is an easy way for medical professionals and their patients to connect with one another. By simply loading up the app on your mobile device, you can achieve the following more quickly and efficiently than ever before:

  • Contact patients to electronically schedule and confirm appointments.
  • Refill medications.
  • Provide patients with their latest test results.
  • File or pay claims.
  • Video chat with patients for a quick consultation.

Some healthcare apps even grant patients the ability to keep track of their health progress and goals or set reminders for when to take medications. This technology makes your medical practice more accessible and your patients more manageable, which benefits both parties.

Why Should I Invest in a Mobile App?

Mobile is the future. An app makes everything more streamlined and easy. Also, a large majority of Americans own a smartphone (68 percent) or tablet computer (45 percent). As time moves on, the number of those who own a mobile device will increase.

It’s important to note that if you don’t already own or use a mobile app for your practice, then you are falling behind the competition. According to Healthcare Now, 86 percent of healthcare professionals believe mobile apps will increase their knowledge of their patient’s conditions and 16 percent of them are already using one with their patients. These apps make it easy to store information about your patients and reduce cost.

How Does This Help My Patients?

The one thing that patients hate the most is miscommunication. Health is a priority for them and dealing with the finer aspects of healthcare can be complex. With an app, everything is in the palm of their hand. They have quick and easy-to-understand access to the medical records, as well as their physician if they have any concerns.

This is the type of service that people expect in this day and age. We suggest creating your own dedicated app for your practice. That way you can better understand how it works and adds the features you want. Once you have an app ready, this present a prime marketing opportunity. A dedicated app will grab the interest of people who are looking for a medical care. Soon enough, they’ll come to your practice for help with their medical needs.

Need Help Creating an App?

Call MedINFOtech at (844) 4-GET-MIT to speak to one of our consultants. Find out what we can do to help you find the right healthcare app or create your very own. The right app can increase your patient acquisition in no time.