A laptop with search results and paid advertisements used as a means of patient acquisition.

How Paid Advertisements Can Increase Patient Acquisition

A laptop with search results and paid advertisements used as a means of patient acquisition.

Paid advertisements are a successful way of increasing patient acquisition.

We understand that medical professionals do not have the time to find new patients. It’s understandable. Throughout the day, physicians must tend to the patients they already have. Furthermore, they can’t be doctors and marketing experts at the same time. That’s why there are tools out there to help practices gain visibility. If you are a doctor and want to increase your patient acquisition rates, paid advertising will help you reach that goal.

What Are Paid Advertisements?

In the digital world, paid advertisements are ads that you can find on major websites like Google, Facebook, or Linkedin. Take an hour or two out of your time and craft a campaign using their tools. Once you are ready to start advertising, the website takes care of the rest for you.

Some work within Pay-Per-Click (PPC) method, while others are controlled by how much money you are spending per day. These PPC campaigns work exactly as you imagine. You pay for your advertisement every time someone clicks on it. Other paid ads will have you set a budget per day. The amount of money you are spending dictates how money people see your advertisement.

How Do People See These Advertisements?

When you set up your campaign, you usually target an audience or keywords. Keywords are specific words or phrases that people are searching for online. For example, say you choose to target “Plastic Surgeon” as a keyword. As a result, the people who type the words “Plastic Surgeon” will see your advertisement at the top of the search results on Google. For social media websites like Facebook, your ads will appear in the feeds of people you are targeting.

Another thing you should know is that your advertisement will be marked as “Sponsored” or “Ad.” This is so people are not misled and know that you paid for the top spot. You should not worry that this will keep people away because this method works. Over 44 percent of users are looking for doctors online and 81 percent of them are will click on a sponsored ad if they think the website can help them.

Compare Campaign Progress With Patient Acquisition Rates

It is true that advertising tools do most of the work for you. However, it is always wise to monitor your campaign’s progress by keeping track of statistics like how many clicks your ads are receiving. Another great way to monitor your campaign’s success is by paying attention to new patients throughout the month. Ask them how they found out about your practice, and most of all, keep track of which ones clicked on your ad. This will tell you if your paid advertisements are worth the money you spent.

If you need assistance setting up your paid advertisements, contact us at MedINFOtech. We can help you craft the perfect campaign and increase your patient acquisition rates. Our job is to connect patients with the right doctors and get them the help that they need.