"Word content creation spelled out in letterpress letters. Note that these letters are over 100 years old and are dirty, dusty and grimy :)"

Tips on Content Creation for Your Medical Website

"Word content creation spelled out in letterpress letters. Note that these letters are over 100 years old and are dirty, dusty and grimy :)"

Content creation can elevate your medical website.

We’ve stressed before how simply having a medical site is not enough to really drive patient acquisition. Many medical websites only go the informative site route, though it’s not the only way to go. Creating content for your site adds value to your digital identity, which can lead to an increased patient acquisition rate. Here are some tips about the nature of content creation and how it can benefit your practice.

Having a website for your practice allows you to introduce yourself to anyone who searches for it online. Most of the content on a majority of medical websites is pretty brief. Usually, there’s a page dedicated to the specialties the practice provides, and small biographies for each of the active physicians. With other subsequent pages like the history of the practice, and a mission statement usually being in place.

Drive Them to Your Medical Website

Now, of course, your medical site needs to be informative, we’re not arguing that. However, what we are arguing is that a static website doesn’t garner any interest. One way of adding content that could be regularly updated is adding a blog to your site. Now that’s very vague since there are many ways to go about creating a blog.

The tone of your blog is dependent on how you wish to communicate to your audience. Taking a light-hearted approach to your medical blog is a viable option. By light-hearted, we mean no hard-science discussion, just health tips, little medical insights anyone can understand, and feel good pieces. It makes the content less strenuous for the writer since posts like these require little to no research.

Alternatively, your blog could bring attention to recent medical studies and think pieces on a variety of medical related topics. A blog can allow for discussion of important and engaging medical topics to take place on your site. This route, while more time consuming, creates a broader interest for your site. Potentially having your articles seen by those deeper invested in the medical field is good for social media.

Content Creation Is More Than Just a Blog

A blog isn’t the only type of content at your disposal. You could even forgo a blog in favor of short-form video content. The content of the videos could cover the same topics you would typically see in a blog. The only difference is the medium you’re choosing to showcase this information. It doesn’t even have to be shot on an expensive camera. With the right amount of effort, you could make effective videos with a simple smartphone.

The upside to this is that videos tend to fair better on social media than written content. The downside is if no one in the office knows how to create videos, you may have to hire someone. Now, let’s talk about social media. Social media is how you will get people to look at the content of your website. Having a strong social media presence is a necessity for promoting online content.

Now that you have this information, we hope you consider talking your medical site to the next level. Content creation can be a strong driver for increasing not only your digital presence but also your patient acquisition. For information on what you can do to take your medical marketing up a notch, read our book “Medical Practice Marketing: New Patient Acquisition Methodologies.