Beautiful doctor discussing with colleague in a promotional video.

Making a Promotional Video for Your Medical Practice

Beautiful doctor discussing with colleague in a promotional video.

Find out how to make your promotional video.

Online marketing has introduced a lot of innovative ways for businesses to advertise on the web. One particularly exciting method is to create a promotional video. This video will act as both a commercial and an introduction to your practice. There are many things to consider before diving in.

The internet provides an even playing field for businesses to promote themselves. Unlike traditional forms of media such as print or television, advertising on the internet doesn’t require a high-cost. That goes for both the production, as well as getting people to see it. In fact, posting your video once it’s completed will cost you nothing at all.

You could make an informative and engaging video without breaking your wallet. The internet has a more flexible definition of acceptable quality. Also, there are an enormous amount of free advertising possibilities with proper social media management.

Plan Ahead for Your Promotional Video

The first step to creating the tone for your practices promotional video is in the script. Here is where you’ll not only decide what you want to say but also have a rough outline of the visuals. It’s in this stage where you’ll be deciding the aesthetics of the video. Such as when to use voice over, what and who will be filmed, and what office locations work.

Another important decision that’s made during this stage is whether you’ll be filming physicians talking, or if the whole video will be done with voice overs. Establishing visual cues in the writing phase guides a consistent outline for the rest of your video.

Properly planning out how your video will come together will save you both time and money. Having a concrete plan for even simplest aspects of your video is very beneficial in the long run. A tight script is imperative to producing a quality video. Steer away from using generic phrases in the monolog. They make your video uninteresting.

Time and Time Again

Know how long you want your promotional video to be. Sounds direct enough, but in actuality, it’s one of the trickier aspects to figure out. Recording video often requires many attempts, or “takes.” These takes have to be edited together to make the video.

Making time a clear objective from the start shapes how you will create the video. For instance, if your goal is 30-45 seconds, you’ll more likely have more locations in your video. You don’t want to spend too much time in one place for a short video.

Having a longer video, around 2 minutes or so, forces you to create more scenes. This can be good or bad depending on how you’ll want to use this time. Patient testimonies are a great way to fill that space for a longer video.

While producing content on the web is a lot cheaper, that doesn’t mean you can skimp on professionalism. Your video still needs to be well made despite any budgetary constraints. The lighting and camera angles don’t have to be HBO quality, but they do have to be concise and appealing.

On the other hand, the audio of your video has to be high quality. Nothing is more glaring than subpar audio, it’s immediately recognizable to anyone watching your video. If you are not confident in your video and audio production skills, we suggest hiring professionals.

With your new-found insight in promotional videos, we hope you’ll be on your way to producing something great. If you’re looking for more information on the intricacies of digital marketing, pick up our book “Medical Practice Marketing: New Patient Acquisition Methodologies” over on Amazon.

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