Marketing Tips: Group of young doctors in a meeting at hospital.

Organic Marketing Tips for Your Medical Site

Marketing Tips: Group of young doctors in a meeting at hospital.

Our organic marketing tips will help your website thrive.

Building an online presence is not exactly the easiest thing in the world to do. Many businesses use paid advertising to get eyes on their products or services. However, don’t assume that you have to shell out boatloads of money to get people to look at your medical website. There are plenty of methods to build interest in your medical practice organically. These marketing tips are rather time-consuming but won’t cost you a dime.

No Such Thing as Too Wide

Widening your audience is always a good thing. You’ll likely want the most traffic possible coming to your website. The digital landscape offers multiple ways to go about this. Having a regularly updated blog on your site is a good way to add a steady stream of content.

Make it a habit of posting on all social media outlets you have whenever the blog updates. This way you can guide your followers to your medical site, and keep your Facebook feed healthy. You cannot haphazardly update your social media, avoid too many posts a week, as well as too few. You also can’t go too long without posting.

Keeping your eye only on medical topics isn’t a downfall but it’s not the only way to go. You can occasionally post something non-medical to your social media. Posting about family-friendly entertainment, or buzz news articles grab the attention of the casual audience. Saying something witty or interesting in your post increases the chances of it being re-posted by your followers. Alternatively, you could use this need for non-medical content to get in touch with the community surrounding your office.

Find out what local youth groups and parent organizations use social media and friend these teams immediately. Reposting any events these organizations might have will bring their attention to your medical practice’s page. Re-posting could also attract those organizations’ followers to your page, who can, in turn, become your followers.

Get People Talking

You want to strive for self-generating content that will keep followers talking to each other. This happens when users are engaging with posts you make. Post on compelling, relevant topics to get traction on social media and turn the comments section into a public forum. Making the comments an area for an interesting discussion regarding medical issues ensures followers will keep coming back. They will either look at your latest post and engage or respond to another user’s comment. This is good, having users respond to each other’s comments increase the chances of your post going viral.

Try building an online community within your practice. By that, we mean doctors and physicians at the practice should have their own social media pages. These pages can serve as a means for patients to get in contact with their doctors. This isn’t to say you have to invade their personal profiles, in fact, you shouldn’t do that. Just easily make a page for each doctor specifically for the practice.

You can also post and medical-related trending topics on these pages. Find relevant medical articles on the internet and post them to the doctor’s pages. The doctor’s pages don’t need to have your websites blog post like the practice’s page.

Acquire More Marketing Tips

Hopefully, these organic marketing tips can help your practice gain followers online without having to pay for advertising. If you’re hungry for more tips on marketing your medical practice, pick up our book, Medical Practice Marketing: New Patient Acquisition Methodologies.