Social media marketing and posts on a blackboard.

Adding Personality to Your Medical Office’s Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing and posts on a blackboard.

Use social media marketing to reach customers in a whole new way.

Nearly every business uses social media marketing as a digital billboard that can be seen by the world. There’s a lot to consider when creating the online persona of your medical office. The benefits of marketing through social platforms could increase your clientele by large margins. These platforms offer unique opportunities for marketing your practice. For example, you can take general medical inquiries from your followers and create a sort of Q&A post. Your page acts as both a promotional and customer service entity.

How Will You Go About Posting?

Now ideally, you want to get your presence on as many platforms as possible. However, this might not be feasible right from the start. If you plan on managing multiple accounts yourself, you may want to ease into it. Managing social media accounts is a more daunting task than it sounds. Moreover, it’s something you’re probably reluctant to have clerical staff spend too much time on.

Start off with one, possibly two outlets. It’s important to know which outlets best fit your marketing agenda, and how to engage your audience. Also, discover which outlets your clientele is most active on, you might find that only one is necessary. Your word choice is essential to crafting your post. Coming off as too technical or scholarly can have adverse effects on a casual audience. Find a sweet spot between informative and conversational.

Keep Your Viewers Engaged

Now that you have a page, frequent posting is a must. Being dormant has no place on social media and just having a page isn’t enough. You need to regularly or periodically update your feed to maximize the marketing capabilities these platforms offer. There are a variety of methods for posting on social media. Linking relevant news articles regarding medical issues is a great way to stay current. You could also post about trends in health, medicine, and biotechnology to keep your followers entertained. Thankfully, the internet is at your disposal, so you’ll find no shortage of engaging post.

What social media offers is an opportunity to give potential patients a glimpse of your office. You can use this to construct the identity of your facilities. You want whoever comes across your page to know what to expect when coming to your office. Most social media platforms allow you to upload a header image on your page. This is the digital welcome mat for the office, ideal for a picture of the waiting area. Uploading pictures of your staff, either in groups, or treating patients gives character to your page. It lets the viewer have a better idea of what to expect before entering your facilities.

Now, how you want to go about taking those pictures is something else to consider. Perhaps you are confident that someone on staff is a skilled amateur photographer. If not, you’ll want to get a professional to capture the essence of your practice. However, this is purely dependent on preference, since it’s not a necessity to have the highest quality photos to get the user reaction you want.

Reaching Out for Social Media Marketing

The current digital landscape has allowed for some very impressive innovations in communication. Especially in marketing, businesses can reach their customers like never before. Which makes establishing a friendly personality to your practices page is vital in keeping ahead of the competition. All the required tools to have a strong online presence are readily available. It is up to you to use it wisely.

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