A graphic illustration of several people on sitting on a gain laptop, representing Facebook marketing.

Essential Facebook Marketing Tips

A graphic illustration of several people on sitting on a gain laptop, representing Facebook marketing.

Facebook marketing is a prime opportunity to reach patients.

Facebook is one to the more traditional social media channels that you can explore. In 2016, there were 1.86 billion monthly active users on the website. As a physician, that leaves your medical practice with the opportunity to market your services to plenty of potential new patients. Facebook marketing is no easy feat. You have to develop and implement the right strategies to give your practice some visibility and gain followers. Here are a few strategies that you should think about when trying to grab people attention effectively.

Setting Up Your Facebook Page

Creating a Facebook page is relatively easy. The first thing you need to do is log into your Facebook account and go to facebook.com/pages/create. Next, select a category that your page fits into (local business, organization, product, public figure, etc.), then choose a secondary one.

The website will then guide you on the next steps to take concerning your page. It’s important to know that keywords are relevant on Facebook. When setting up your short and long description for your page, make sure that you add relevant keywords.

Regularly Check Your Insights

Facebook grants every page a handy tool called Insights. This tool monitors the progress that your page is making with its audience. You can see things like your weekly page views, reach, post engagements, page likes and more. An unknown fact about Facebook pages is that your audience doesn’t see 100 percent of your posts. That is because Facebook only shows posts that are relevant to your audience. To increase your reach, use Insights to find out what your most popular content is. By making more of the content that your audience likes, you can gain more views.

Using Video

No matter where you go on the internet, users respond to video content. You can capitalize on that popularity by uploading your video content directly to Facebook. This method leads to more organic results than anything else on the site. As a physician, you can hire a videographer to film testimonials and videos educating your patients about your practice. This will form engaging content that brings more people to your page.

Investing in Paid Facebook Marketing Ads

Paid advertising is an excellent way to increase your page likes. There are several ways to spend your advertising dollars. That includes promoting your website, your page, or individual post. Each of these campaigns is easy to set up. You spend a certain amount of dollars a day to reach a broad audience. It can be your fans or people of a particular age, gender, or interest. Be sure to know your audience to fine tune who your campaign reaches.

Facebook marketing has the potential to expand your businesses visibility to a variety of patients in your area. If you want an excellent introduction into the world of social media, read our book, Social Media Marketing for the Modern Medical Practice. Learn how to make use of these social media channels to increase your patient outreach.