Set of modern vector illustration concepts of words medical and healthcare representing healthcare marketing.

Healthcare Marketing Tips to Help Promote Your Practice

Set of modern vector illustration concepts of words medical and healthcare representing healthcare marketing.

How are your healthcare marketing efforts working?

Every business looks for an edge over the competition. The idea is to get more people into the door and turn them into lifelong customers. The same kind of thinking applies to your medical practice. As a physician, you want more patients coming into your practice in order to receive the help that they need. The only way you can accomplish this is with expert healthcare marketing. Here are a few tips you should follow to gain more patients.

Pay Attention to Your Social Media

If you have a social media presence, you are off to a great start. You have to remember that people react to the type of content that you produce online, whether it’s medical journals or your very own blog post. It’s important to pay attention to what people are talking about in the replies and comments section of your post.

Look at the discussions amongst your audience, and draw inspiration for future posts or topics that you wish to discuss. This will keep your audience interested and makes it easier for them to relate to your content. As your audience grows to trust you as an online presence, they will eventually reach out to you as a physician for help with medical needs.

Testimonials Are Key

When it comes who your customer trust more – you or other patients – it’s always going to be other patients. According to PWC, 42% of individuals viewing health information on social media look at health-related consumer reviews. Patients defer to groups of other patients more than physicians when it comes to making health related decisions.

The truth is that the trust lies with people who are or have gone through similar situations. Your healthcare marketing efforts can take advantage of this with testimonials. A testimonial is a statement testifying to someone’s character and qualifications. The best way to provide a testimonial for marketing purposes is through video. A video puts real people on screen and is more believable than a couple of sentences in a pair of quotes.

Paid Advertising Work

Several online outlets give you the ability to advertise on their platforms. Paid advertisements are a way of focusing your marketing efforts instead of shooting in the dark. You’ll find that websites like Twitter, Facebook, and Google afford you opportunities to reach your audience.

As an added bonus, at least 39% of potential patients visit a medical website through an online advertisement. The best part is that 36% of those patients actually consider visiting that practice. If you want a better understanding of how Google’s paid advertising works, you can find out more by clicking the link here.

Healthcare Marketing With MedINFOtech

MedINFOtech is here to provide you with healthcare marketing that works. We handle everything, from your website to your social media channels. As a boutique medical marketing provider, we work on increasing your online exposure to increase the success of your medical practice. If you want to speak with one of our representatives, then call us at (844) 4-GET-MIT. You can also purchase and read our book “Medical Practice Marketing: New Patient Acquisition Methodologies” on Amazon now.